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Map Aluminum attic ladder, single piece, installed
Map Aluminum attic ladder, single piece, installed
Map Aluminum attic ladder, single piece, installed
Map Aluminum attic ladder, single piece, installed
Map Aluminum attic ladder, single piece, installed
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Map Aluminum attic ladder, single piece, installed

€1,104.80 €1,336.81 Tax included.
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Do you have sufficient space in the attic, both under the roof (tilting space) and behind the opening (placement space)? Then our one-piece aluminum attic ladder is the ideal solution for you.

The one-piece aluminum attic ladder is not only lightweight but also very easy to operate thanks to our unique lifting mechanism.

Furthermore, the ALU 1 is particularly easy to maintain due to its anodized finish.

Description of ALU 1 attic ladder:

  • Two sturdy aluminum profiles are riveted together with their steps.
           - 1st profile: ribbed ladder beam of 10cm

            - 2nd profile: anti-slip steps of 10cm

  • ladder width: 45 cm
  • step distance: 25 cm (vertical)
  • protective feet at the bottom
  • sturdy handrail (optional: left or right)
  • made of anodized aluminum

Ideal opening dimensions for an attic ladder:

Length: 1.40m to 1.60m

Width: 0.70m to 0.80m

Use the formula to calculate if the attic ladder fits in the opening. If not, return the information sheet with the filled-in measurements for an alternative quote (enlarging the opening or another model, e.g., 3 sections).

Formula: see measurement form

(Required clearance space = E/D) =

(straight height from floor to bottom of ceiling F + thickness of attic floor C + 50cm) - length of the opening

Attic trapdoor:

  • 22mm plywood with insulation strip
  • three sturdy hinges + lock

Iron fittings:

  • Electrolytic baths provide the iron fittings with an anti-rust coating.

General conditions price including installation:

  • The stated price includes 21% VAT.
  • For buildings older than 5 years, with a maximum habitable area of 200m², used as the owner's/main residence primarily as a private dwelling, the VAT rate of 6% applies.
  • The mentioned price is for a total vertical height up to the bottom of the ceiling of 3.10m.
  • When ordering an attic ladder, an appointment will be made to measure the opening dimensions. If they do not fall within the maximum dimensions (length 1.40m, width 0.70m, thickness 0.25m, straight height from bottom of ceiling to floor max 3.10m), an additional cost will be charged, see options.
  • The installation is included provided that the location is within a radius of 35km around our company. If it is farther, an additional cost will be charged.
  • An offer will always be provided. This must be confirmed before the ladder is ordered.
  • This is custom-made and therefore not in stock as a standard item.
  • Delivery time: approximately 3 to 4 weeks after measurement/confirmation of the quote.

Download here The measurement form.


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