As a result of the global rise in raw material and transportation costs, we find it necessary to continually adjust our prices, reflecting the increased charges imposed by our suppliers. While we strive to keep our prices as current as possible, we reserve the right to provide an adjusted quote at the time of order placement if required.

Laddermakerij Smits BV originated from a former covered scarry maker in Wommelgem, Alfons Spelter - founder of Laddermakerij Smits - at the time took over the case of his uncle Gustaaf Smits, hence the name Smits in Laddermakerij Smits. Sven and Peter (sons of Spelter Alfons) also entered the case in the 1990 period. The specialty of making wooden ladders at the time is still continued by Sven Spelter. Peter Spelter has focused on current aluminum and polyester department. At the end of the 1990s, the rental and sale of statements was added to the range.

Why do I choose Laddermakerij Smits?

  • Years of Everbearing in the sector.
  • Independent dealer of different brands.
  • Repairs of all brands are possible in our studio but also on site.
  • Repairing of Ladders can be collected / delivered with a re -service report.
  • No -obligation quotes for your projects.
  • Placements are carried out by the managers.

Our team

Peter Spelter
+32 3 354 02 95

Sven Spelter
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Marissa Spoormans
Accounting & Administration
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