As a result of the global rise in raw material and transportation costs, we find it necessary to continually adjust our prices, reflecting the increased charges imposed by our suppliers. While we strive to keep our prices as current as possible, we reserve the right to provide an adjusted quote at the time of order placement if required.

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A. How can you order?

Throughout our entire webshop you can visit all kinds of product pages. Through these pages you have the option to add a product to your shopping basket. You can simply do this by clicking on 'in shopping cart'. After this click you will of course have the option to add other products. Once you have added enough products, you can obtain an overview of your entire order through the shopping basket at the top right. You can complete the order via this page. You will then be kindly asked to enter your customer and delivery information. As well as the desired shipping and payment method. You must of course accept the general terms and conditions before calculating. Once the payment is then completed, the order is completed. After this, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Not much later you will receive an email when the order is packed and when the products have left our warehouse.

During the checkout process we will request all kinds of information to ensure that the shipment runs as smoothly as possible. Please note that as a customer / web visitor you are responsible for the correctness of this data. So when an error in this data suffers to extra costs when delivering, we (Laddermakerij Smits) are not responsible for these extra costs. However, our labeling system can detect most errors so that we can contact you just before delivery.

If you still had questions in connection with the checkout process, you can of course always contact us via e -mail.

B. Payment

Our price view

  1. Within the EU

All prices of our products with delivery within EU include Belgian VAT.

  1. Outside of the EU

However, the delivery address is outside the EU, you can also order all our products. In that case, 0% Belgian VAT will be charged and we add the right documents to make a good clearance possible for the recipient.

Please note that shipping costs will be added during the checkout process depending on the weight and the destination. For more information about our shipping costs, please refer to the 'Shipping cost' page.

Orders with delivery address outside the EU are almost always subject to customs costs and input costs. These are always for the account of the recipient. If the package is not accepted by the customs / final receiver, only the value of the returned products can be repaid minus any additional costs that we have had with this return shipment and not the shipping costs in question.

  1. Price adjustments
    Prices can be adjusted at any time, unilaterally and without notice by Laddermakerij Smits BV.

Intra -Community Orders

Have you placed an order with a VAT number that is registered in an EU country (except Belgium), please ensure that you are responsible for inserting this purchase in your intra-Community declarations. Under no circumstances can Laddermakerij Smits BV be liable for this.

C. Payment

  1. How can I pay at Laddermakerij Smits BV

The payments are made possible by depositing directly into their business account, Shopify Payments and PayPal. Shopify Payments makes it possible to deal with the following modalities:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • iDeal
  • Maestro
  • Bank transfer
  • Mister Cash
  • Giropay
  • Direct banking

The actual payment takes place in the checkout process, just after you as a customer have selected the desired payment method. The payment is then processed by Shopify Payments of PayPal, after which the funds will be on a neutral account. So since we work closely with payment providers, we recommend that you also check their terms and conditions and privacy policy.

  1. Are payment costs charged by Laddermakerij Smits BV?

The answer is very simple: no. Outside the shipping costs, no extra costs will be charged by us.

  1. 3. What if I want to purchase professionally?

We also handle orders for professional customers. They can also order and pay through our webshop. After the purchase, they will receive an invoice with the specified billing data.

  1.  Can we return the products?

That is certainly possible. This is because this is about remote sales and this as a customer has the so -called 'right of withdrawal'. As a customer you can return your order up to 31 days after delivery. Please note that this right is no longer applicable in the event of expirable, personalized or damaged products. In other words, you can only return the non-personalized products with us.

However, the shipping costs for returning are for the customer's account. They are responsible to ensure that the products arrive back in our warehouse. The customer is also responsible for good packaging. That is why we recommend that we do not immediately throw away our packaging, but to keep track of. Once the returned products have arrived, you will receive a refund within 30 days. Please note that we can only make a refund of the products that have arrived undamaged with us. In addition, the initial shipping cost is also not refunded. However, if you have enjoyed free shipping because your order met the conditions, the standard shipping costs of the country in question will still be deducted from the amount to be refunded.

What if my order was simply not delivered? In that case we recommend sending us an email with as much information as possible about the order, such as order overview, any messages from DPD, DHL ... We will then immediately start an investigation. Since it is also not easy for us to detect a package in such cases, we cannot immediately refund the amount or send a replacement order. Once there is clarity, we can only proceed to refund or send a new package. In such cases you will of course be kept well informed by us.

Here you can go for the official withdrawal form:

  1. And what about the refund?

If a refund must be made, we will do this as quickly as possible. Depending on your bank, this can take up to 30 days before the amount is back in your account. We understand that this can cause discomfort, but we notice that with Belgian and Dutch customers the funds are back in the account much faster.

As mentioned above, we work together with third parties, namely the Bank, Shopify Payments and PayPal. If you place an order with us, you suddenly agree with the general terms and conditions of both partner companies.

D. Shipping

Delivery of the goods

Just after you have placed an order, you will receive a confirmation email with order information. Not much later you will receive an email when your order has been packed / sent. The last mail you will then receive is the mail with the tracking code. At the moment the package has been collected from us. From the first confirmation email, the purchase agreement between you as a customer and Laddermakerij Smits BV is valid. For more precise delivery times, we refer you to our 'delivery time' page. Please note that all time indications and estimates are only indicative and that they are never binding for us. We therefore recommend that you follow the tracking code closely and to ensure that you (or someone else) are at the home of delivery at the time of delivery. However, if you are not at home, the driver will probably ensure that this package ends up with your neighbors or a local collection point.

Through the checkout process we will request all kinds of data that are necessary to guarantee a successful delivery. Please note that as a customer / web visitor you are responsible for the correctness of this data. So when an error in this data suffers to extra costs when delivering, we (Laddermakerij Smits BV) are not responsible for these extra costs. However, our lab system can detect most errors so that we can contact you just before delivery. As a result, we have the option to 'check' the correctness of your data to a large extent. As indicated, this data will also be passed on to third parties (such as courier services, possibly tax representatives, payment providers ...) to make a successful delivery possible. Hereby we have full respect for your privacy and for handling your data with respect. For this we also refer to the 'Privacy (cookies)' page.

Laddermakerij Smits BV will do everything to deliver or deliver the orders as quickly as possible to your needs. However, we are not responsible for delays outside our power. For this we also ask for your understanding such situations had to occur. We think of local strikes, safety reasons ...

The duration of the agreement is limited from the moment the customer visits our online property to the expiry of the right of withdrawal. However, this duration may differ in the event of a sale of subscription formulas.

  1. Shipping

Shipping costs will still be charged throughout the checkout process. Depending on the destination, this shipping rate will also be included or excluding VAT. For shipments to private individuals outside the EU, no VAT will be charged. Also for shipments to non-Belgian VAT-registered companies (within EU) no VAT will be charged, since this concerns intra-Community shipments. For exact rates we refer to our 'shipping cost' page.

  1. Obligations towards local authorities

Laddermaker Smits BV naturally respects and follows all national and international laws. This concerns all kinds of legislation, including remote sales, company legislation, tax obligations ... But note that, regardless of whether you purchase private individuals or professionally, you are responsible for the obligations you have towards your local authorities. In this case we can never be held liable for your responsibilities or for not complying with this. If you visit our website or place an order with us, you agree.

As mentioned earlier, Laddermakerij Smits BV lives up to all local and international legislation and we ensure that all documentation is in order to make the easiest delivery possible. However, note that in the event of seizure or the detailed checking of an order, we are not responsible, since this is outside our control. Of course in this case we do everything we can to ensure that the delivery runs as soon and flawlessly as possible. In such situations it may also be that the local authorities, other authorities, transporters ... gain access to your data as they are entered on our website. In that case we respect the privacy legislation, but we are not responsible for the way those third parties handle this data. In such cases we also recommend that you contact the local customs office for more clarity.

  1. Damaged or incomplete

If the order is delivered, it is the customer's responsibility to check the order for completeness and possible damage. There had to be incompleteness or damage, it is the customer's responsibility to report this within 14 days after delivery, including proof of this and order numbers. If the report takes place within 14 days, we can come to a solution together. If this is not reported within 14 days, the customer unconditionally accepts the entire order. In addition, the customer suddenly confirms that Laddermakerij Smits BV has fulfilled his obligations.

  1. Complaints

You still had to have complaints or ask i.v.m. The service, invoice ... you can always reach us at this email address: We will assist you as soon as possible. You can also always send us a complaint by post to Belcrownlaan 46, 2100 Deurne in the name of Laddermakerij Smits BV.

All disputes fall under the exclusive competence of the Belgian courts for our registered office. Information about alternative dispute resolution can be found via this link: But we reserve the right to submit disputes exclusively to the Belgian courts. In other words, you have a complaint that you want to challenge legally, you can only submit it to a Belgian court.

E. Internet is not always a safe medium

The internet is a widely used medium for communication, but certainly also for all kinds of trading activities. However, the internet is not 100% complete, just like any other medium. As a result, Laddermakerij Smits BV cannot give the guarantee that your data is 100% safe with us or with third parties. This does not only apply to this website, but also to all our platforms, social networks ... by using the internet to visit our online property, you as a visitor / customer acknowledge these risks. This concerns data fraud, data corruption, unauthorized access, interceptions and delays. Of course we do everything we can to exclude and avoid this. If your hardware or software still had to be damaged during a visit to one of our property, we are not liable for this. This is what calls 'consequential damage' and therefore not our responsibility.

Laddermakerij Smits BV or a third party indicated by us, can always make changes to our online platforms when necessary. For this we are not obliged to report this, as long as this is of course within the legal framework.

The web visitor / customer also has the opportunity to add content to our website, social networks, platforms ... Laddermakerij Smits BV is in no way responsible for the content of this added content. If you find certain content, being published by us or third party, inappropriate, please contact us by e -mail so that we can come to a solution.

All content, ranging from normal information, ideas, concepts, new products, methods, techniques, systems, designs ..., added to our website, platforms, networks ... are confidential and may only be used by Laddermakerij Smits BV. However, these additions to our property have no restrictions for Laddermakerij Smits BV as a result.

F. About us

This website and consequently the Laddermakerij Smits BV brand, are the property of Laddermakerij Smits BV. This BV is located in Belgium and so it falls under Belgian law. These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements, contracts and documents drawn up by or with Laddermakerij Smits BV. Through the visit or use of our website, platforms, networking ... you agree to these terms and conditions. These general terms and conditions also prevail on any general terms and conditions of other parties regarding the interests of Laddermakerij Smits BV. Since we work with third parties for, for example, payment, delivery ... we recommend that you also view their terms and conditions.

Official brand name: Laddermakerij Smits
Company name: Laddermakerij Smits BV
Belcrowlaan 46
2100 Deurne
BE 0425.190.590

G. Consequential damage

Since we sell physical products, consequential damage is always possible. This is sometimes about fragile, heavy and fragile products, which makes consequential damage even greater. It is therefore also possible that products sold by Laddermakerij Smits BV will damage you or other parties. Under no circumstances can Laddermakerij Smits BV be responsible for this.

Example: You have just received an order, but you drop the heavy box on the basis of you or a third party. Such incidents fall outside our responsibility and are for yourself.

Laddermakerij Smits BV can in no way be held liable for a changed health status of children when using/ wearing purchased products from Laddermakerij Smits BV.

As a customer you are responsible for the choice of products.

H. Hyperlinks

Our website, social networks, platforms ... may contain hyperlinks that link the web visitor to other website, networks or platforms. In such cases, Laddermakerij Smits BV is not responsible for these other online websites, networks or platforms. If you, as a web visitor, place certain content on our online property, we are also not responsible for this content or hyperlinks and Laddermakerij Smits BV can remove this at any time. The fact that certain content on our online property can contain hyperlinks does not mean that we want to push or recommend certain other content. Such content or hyperlinks are purely informative.

I. Language

Our website has not yet been translated. As a result, it is possible that certain content is incorrectly displayed or translated. Only the Dutch version of our webshop / website is the official version. For questions or comments, we recommend contacting us via e -mail. This of course does not mean that Laddermakerij Smits BV is limited in his language policy. As Laddermakerij Smits BV, we are completely free to add content in any language to our online property.

Of course you are free to contact us in your own language, but make sure that we will usually respond in Dutch or English. We are not obliged to use certain languages. By visiting or using our online property, you agree to this condition.

J. Ownership of Laddermakerij Smits BV

  1. Products

As long as the actual payment is not completed, the goods remain the property of Laddermakerij Smits BV. Additional costs as a result of a cancellation can therefore be charged in this phase of the handling. Once the payment has been completed, the property proceeds to the customer.

  1. Intellectual Property

All photos, information, logos, content, graphics, design ... that you will find on our online property are the property of Laddermakerij Smits BV. In the event of abuse or unlawful use or distribution thereof, we will certainly take the necessary steps. One may only use our content if a signed permission from Laddermakerij Smits BV.

Everything on this website / webshop is protected by copyright.

K. Disclaimer

Visiting our online property (website, networks, platforms ...) is at your own risk and Laddermakerij Smits BV will in no way be responsible for the actual content, photos, consequences ... All the content you have on our online property Can find, is merely informative and we cannot be responsible for possible incorrect, incomplete, incorrect, unreliable and inappropriate content.

Notwithstanding, Laddermakerij Smits BV will make every effort to keep our content up to date, to correctly display, check ... However, if you had to have comments on our content, you can always contact us via e -mail. In that case we will investigate this and make the necessary adjustments.

As mentioned earlier, the web visitor / customer has the option to add content to our online property. Under no circumstances is Laddermakerij Smits BV responsible for this.

Of course we do everything we can to make our online property as user -friendly as possible. Please note that we collaborate with third parties, such as hosting companies, web developers ... We cannot be held liable for this if the website has shortcomings regarding up time, design ...

If you visit our website or place an order with us, all kinds of information will be passed on to us. That information will be passed on to third parties in part, where necessary, to make the delivery possible, for example. Since this is usually your personal information, we recommend that you also take a look at our Privacy Disclaimer. Here you will also find more information about the use of cookies.

L. Agree with our general terms and conditions

If you visit our online property or you place an order, you unconditionally agree with these terms and conditions. In the process you not only agree, but you also make every effort to fulfill our general terms and conditions and to remedy abuse. These general terms and conditions have been drawn up by Laddermakerij Smits BV and Laddermakerij Smits BV is the only party that can make changes or place additions to these general terms and conditions. In view of the fact that these general terms and conditions are so important for the protection of both Laddermakerij Smits BV and the customer / web visitor, we will ask you to accept these general terms and conditions through the checkout process. This acceptance is therefore suddenly binding for you as a customer / web visitors.

M. Future adjustments

  1. Regarding general terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions relate to the visit and use of our online property. Laddermakerij Smits BV has the right at all times to make adjustments to these general terms and conditions, without reporting this. As a result, we advise you as a web visitor / customer to regularly view our terms and conditions and certainly for each order, since you always have to agree before being able to complete the order. Incorrect and adjusted information will of course be deleted after correction or adjustment.

  1. Regarding our online property

All content that you can find on our online property is only informative, temporary and not binding. As a result, we cannot exclude that adjustments will be made to our content. We are therefore never responsible for content that has been on our online property in the past. Given that we are actually constantly 'in maintenance', we ask your understanding and we recommend that you contact us in the event of ambiguities or questions.

N. Communication

For us there are different ways to communicate with web visitors / customers ... This mainly happens via mail or telephone contact, but also via our online platforms, chat functions, networks ... The content that is communicated here is purely informative and is possible in No case being binding for Laddermakerij Smits BV, employees, representatives, third parties ... We are also not responsible for any failure or shortcomings of these means of communication. This unfortunately falls outside our power.

Laddermakerij Smits BV does not provide after-service as standard. This is something that can only be agreed in mutual contact.

O. Suppliers Laddermakerij Smits BV

Under no circumstances can Laddermakerij Smits BV be deemed responsible for obligations that our suppliers have with regard to the authorities. This concerns both the Belgian and non -Belgian authorities. We think mainly of the VAT obligation, property rights, general legislation ... that rests on our suppliers when delivering Laddermakerij Smits BV. In the event that our supplier does not comply with this duty, Laddermakerij Smits BV cannot be sued.

Of course we always do the necessary research to see if a valid VAT number is sold. Every order that we place with our suppliers is confirmed or passed on by e -mail. In relevant emails, reference is clearly referred to to our general terms and conditions and by confirming or responding the order, people agree with these general terms and conditions.

The webshop is made with Shopify software. If you wish to find out which software and hardware you need to visit the webshop, it is best to contact Shopify.

P. Applicable law

These general terms and conditions have involving Belgian law and are based on this. The Antwerp Legal District only has the authority on this.

Terms and Conditions Can be downloaded here in PDF version

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