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        Scaffolds (12)

        Euroscaffold room / folding scaffold 0.75x1.90m working height +/- 3.00m

        €314.60 Tax included.

        Solide folding scaffold VS100

        €8,224.69 Tax included.

        Solide folding scaffold VS80

        €7,395.60 Tax included.

        Solide folding scaffold VS60

        €5,480.35 Tax included.

        Solide folding scaffold VS44

        €3,476.41 Tax included.

        Solide folding scaffold VS38

        €2,515.21 Tax included.

        Solide folding scaffold compact 4.45m

        €2,136.05 Tax included.

        Solide folding scaffold compact 3.80m

        €1,134.14 Tax included.

        Solide folding scaffold compact 2.80m

        €533.00 Tax included.


        Scaffolds for every task

        Welcome to Smits Ladders, your reliable partner in providing high-quality and safe scaffolding for any job! Whether you're a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, we have the perfect scaffolding solution for you.

        Explore our wide selection of mobile scaffolding, indoor scaffolding, and folding scaffolding to complete your job safely, efficiently, and comfortably. Scaffolding rental is also always an option.

        Rolling scaffolds: convenient and effective

        Our mobile scaffolds are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, providing a safe and stable work platform at various heights. They are made of high-quality aluminum and comply with all safety standards.

        Thanks to the smooth rolling wheels, you can easily move the scaffold, making your work more efficient. Choose from our range of mobile scaffolds with different sizes and load capacities to meet all your needs.

        Indoor scaffolds: room scaffolding

        Our indoor scaffolding is specially designed for indoor use. They are compact, lightweight, and easy to assemble, making them ideal for tasks such as painting, wallpapering, and ceiling work.

        With adjustable working heights and a narrow design that fits through doorways, our indoor scaffolding provides a safe and efficient workspace, even in tight spaces. In short, it's the scaffolding you can use for all your indoor projects.

        Folding scaffolds: easy to store

        Are you looking for scaffolding that is quick to set up and store? Our folding scaffolds are the perfect choice. They are easy to transport and store thanks to their compact folding design.

        They are ideal for smaller jobs, both indoors and outdoors, and provide a sturdy and reliable work platform. Our folding scaffolds are made of durable aluminum and meet all safety requirements.

        Why choose Smits Ladders?

        At Smits Ladders, we are dedicated to providing top-quality scaffolding that meets all your requirements.

        • Wide range of high-quality scaffolding for various applications
        • Competitive prices and attractive discounts
        • Fast and reliable delivery, directly to your home or workplace
        • Expert customer service, ready to help you choose the right scaffolding for your needs
        • Safe online payment options and easy return policy
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