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      Fire Ladders (7)

      Smits aluminum extendable handle, anodized, left

      €193.60 Tax included.

      Smits Aluminum closure door for fire escape ladder with cage

      €514.25 Tax included.

      Smits standard 600mm anodized aluminum fire escape ladder

      €96.80 Tax included.

      Smits standard 600mm raw version aluminum fire escape ladder

      €90.75 Tax included.

      Smits aluminum grid platform for fire escape ladder

      €514.25 Tax included.

      Custom fire escape ladder, with or without installation

      €0.00 Tax included.

      MODUM Standard 3.30m Foldable Fire Escpae Ladder

      €1,024.87 Tax included.

      Fire Ladders

      Reliable and long-lasting fire ladders

      We offer an extensive range of high-quality fire ladders, providing a safe escape route through windows in emergency situations.

      Our fire ladders are designed for easy and quick installation and can be attached to any window or specific windows on the second floor or above. They come in various sizes and lengths, ensuring you'll find the right ladder for your home or commercial building.

      We manufacture our fire ladders using durable and robust materials such as aluminum and steel. Additionally, they are lightweight and compact, allowing for easy storage until needed.

      At Smits Ladders, you can count on top-quality products and exceptional service. Our fire ladders come with clear instructions for installation and maintenance, and we also offer installation services if desired. We're always available to help you choose the most suitable fire ladder for your circumstances.

      A fire ladder you can trust

      Fire ladders are a vital component of any fire safety equipment and are invaluable during emergencies. For instance, if a fire erupts and the standard exits are blocked, a fire ladder at the window may be the only escape route.

      These ladders can be attached to any window or specific strategically chosen windows on the second floor or above and come in various sizes and lengths to meet your requirements.

      Investing in a high-quality fire ladder made from durable materials like aluminum or steel is essential. These ladders are sturdy and can support a considerable amount of weight, which is crucial in emergency situations.

      Wide selection and competitive prices

      At Smits Ladders, you can rely on high-quality fire ladders and outstanding customer service. We provide our products with clear installation and maintenance instructions, ensuring you have selected the right fire ladder for your needs. We also offer the option of professional installation.

      Enhance the safety of your home or business premises with a fire ladder from our online store. If you have any questions about the best ladder for your needs, feel free to contact us. We are always ready to assist you in making the right choice and ensuring your safety and security.