As a result of the global rise in raw material and transportation costs, we find it necessary to continually adjust our prices, reflecting the increased charges imposed by our suppliers. While we strive to keep our prices as current as possible, we reserve the right to provide an adjusted quote at the time of order placement if required.

Accessories (72)

Wooden pole for attic trapdoor, 1.50m.

€24.20 Tax included.

Smits Hinged Ladder foot 110x75mm

€19.36 Tax included.

Solide gutterrest

€94.91 Tax included.

Waku articulated frame for telescopic ladder

€32.67 Tax included.

Waku leg extension / extension leg

€60.98 Tax included.

Solid ridge hook

€113.41 Tax included.

Smits Aluminium ridge hook

€90.75 Tax included.

Smits ladder mat 1.27mx0.30m Granufex

€64.13 Tax included.

Smits ladder mat 0.97mx0.24m Granufex

€46.59 Tax included.