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Accessories & Parts (102)

Wooden pole for attic trapdoor, 1.50m.

€24.20 Tax included.

Smits Hinged Ladder foot 110x75mm

€19.36 Tax included.

Waku articulated frame for telescopic ladder

€32.67 Tax included.

Waku leg extension / extension leg

€60.98 Tax included.

Solide stepladder base rear 50mm (7-8-9-10tr.)

€10.50 Tax included.

Solid ridge hook

€113.41 Tax included.

Waku outer part telescopic Ladder (6 sports)

€165.53 Tax included.

Solide plastic toolbox

€16.36 Tax included.

Solide ladder foot profile 90mm per set

€26.23 Tax included.

Ladder accessories

Enhance your ladder experience

On this page, you will discover a wide range of accessories specifically designed to make using your ladder easier, safer, and more efficient.

Our accessories are suitable for various types of ladders, including stepladders, platform ladders, telescopic ladders, and more. We offer accessories for both domestic and professional use.

Why use ladder accessories?

One of our most popular accessories is the ladder stand, which improves the stability of your ladder and provides a safer working environment. We also offer stabilizer arms, which increase the width of your ladder for added stability. Other accessories include ladder feet, protective covers, spacers, and more.

We also provide accessories focused on improving your efficiency and productivity, such as our ladder boards, which allow you to keep your tools and materials within easy reach while you work. Other useful accessories include ladder hooks for safe storage and earth spikes for enhanced stability in the garden.

Top quality and service

Our ladder accessories are made from high-quality materials and designed with your safety and comfort in mind. Smits Ladders is always ready to help you find the right accessories for your ladder and answer any questions you may have.

Order your ladder accessories today and increase your safety and efficiency while working at height. Our accessories are promptly and securely delivered to your home. Please feel free to contact us for more information or advice on our ladder accessories.