As a result of the global rise in raw material and transportation costs, we find it necessary to continually adjust our prices, reflecting the increased charges imposed by our suppliers. While we strive to keep our prices as current as possible, we reserve the right to provide an adjusted quote at the time of order placement if required.

04.00m - 05.00m (16)

Layher Blitz Facade scaffold 5.14x8.20m for rent

€124.41 Tax included.

Solide single ladder open foot 16sp.

€279.17 Tax included.

Altrex All Round 3-delige reformladder 3x07sp.

€239.58 Tax included.

Smits Polyester 3-Piece Convertible Extension Ladder with 3x8 Steps

€1,038.18 Tax included.

Altrex Little Giant Velocity Telescopic folding ladder 4x6sp.

€473.40 Tax included.

Altrex Dark Horse Telescopic plastic folding ladder 4x4sp.

€1,053.06 Tax included.

Telestep telescopic ladder Prime Line 4.10m stabilizer bar 80mm

€520.30 Tax included.

Altrex aluminum roof ladder 4.00m

€384.42 Tax included.

Smits wooden roof ladder set for slates or pans

€0.00 Tax included.